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Inside a Question is a radio show for people who want to actively figure out themselves, the world, and their place in it. Each episode starts with a question and we try to answer that question through storytelling and unique social experiments you can try for yourself.



The Show

Each episode focuses on a different question. And we go in search of answers through a blend of storytelling, deep research, and unique social experiments we conduct in the world. The show is designed to encourage a lifelong sense of wonder. We hope you are inspired to make your own discoveries. Inside A Question broadcasts live every Sunday 5pm ET, on WXOX 97.1 fm (Louisville, KY) and streaming online at

The Music

Official theme song and instrumental music by Awake At Night. Additional music by FireWater Labs (analog modular synthesizers). We love hearing new music. Do you have a song you’d like to share with the show? Contact us.

The Host

Darrick Wood is the host and producer of Inside a Question.
Eye color: Green
Favorite Microbe: Phacus
Favorite Ancient Greek Playwright: Aeschylus
Favorite Lego Piece: Classic 2x4 brick, blue

Darrick’s Three Important Rules in Life

  1. Everyone is curious about something, even if they don’t know it yet.
  2. The difference between kids and adults is miniscule.
  3. You can’t be surprised by people until you give them the opportunity to do so.

Darrick is the recipient of the 2018 Hadley Creatives Grant, from the Community Foundation of Louisville, supporting innovative and adventurous artists who are at a pivotal point in their careers.

“We’ve missed the secret message in “The Odyssey”

The Experiments

We believe the world is a laboratory. We create original, interactive experiments to help satisfy our curiosity. These experiments often lead to surprising results, which lead to more questions, which lead to more experiments, which… you get the idea.

Participants experience the joy of curiosity, and we have a new story for our radio show. It’s a win win. Here are some intriguing questions we have answered through our experiments:

  • Can you judge a record album by its cover?
  • How Important are your thumbs?
  • How brave are you?
  • How much is your personal story worth at a flea market?
  • Can you find your soulmate in a room of strangers?

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Everyone is curious about something, even if they don’t know it yet.


Want to ask a question, or answer one? Want to participate in future experiments? Just want to say ‘hi’? There are many ways to do it.
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Instagram: @InsideAQuestion
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Answering Machine: 502-654-8259 ( 502 OK ITALY )

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